When  you look around at the people in your life, are you surrounded by love and commitment? Or is it guilt and codependence what keeps those friends and relatives close?

To free yourself toward independence with the power of love in the universe, you must first begin to ferret out the people who cause you heartache. We only get 100% energy Spiritual Energy every day. Let’s not waste most of our energy fighting battles we will never win. The question is: Where will you attain the energy you need to find your calling, your authentic self, your truth… if you waste it on negative people?

My understanding of the energetics of life is that: if you lack energy to sustain your life, you will end up borrowing energy from your own body. This, in turn, causes disease and pain in the areas of the body that are most affected by this “physical-energy” loan. For example, you could give away heart energy (love, forgiveness, hate, compassion, revenge) and easily attract heart problems. If you give away power in your relationship (Second chakra), you may attract problems with your bladder, kidney, or digestive system.

We receive energy from the source of energy daily to sustain our lives and body. We must retain this essential energy to use to do what matters most to our lives.

Let me help you prioritize your energy!

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