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Client's Praise for Bo Sebastian

Why do Client’s Praise Bo Sebastian’s Hypnotherapy?

“Change your mind, change your world!” has been the motto of Bo Sebastian. Client’s praise for Bo Sebastian for his thirty years of experience, because he teaches them that their youth has provided some mental programming that must be changed from who you were then to who you are now – unequivocally and authentically. Hypnosis gets to the root of change by creating new neural pathways and providing healthy and positive triggers to move you forward toward your best life!

“I have never felt so blessed as when I am helping someone through a difficult time,” Bo Sebastian said to an interviewer for the local newspaper. “I feel as if I know what I’m here on this Earth to do and also feel as if most clients want to know that very fact about their own lives.” Bo goes on to tell how he uses hypnosis to help heal clients from the inside, because he believes that we all write the stories of our lives in our mind first before these stories become reality. As he shares in his last book; Your New Story, Your New Life. (You can find this book in the Published Books Link: here!)

Hypnosis has always been a way to find out what you truly believe about yourself and your world. When you go into trance in the correct, safe way, there is, however, no judgement. There is only a dire need to express something different, something new and exciting, something healthy for yourself and the people you love. “That’s my goal,” Sebastian concludes.

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Client's Praise for Bo Sebastian