Motivation & Weight Loss

“Bo, I just wanted to thank you. Even though we have known each other for almost 10 years I had not availed myself of your skill at hypnosis until this past couple of months. I guess it takes me longer than some to work up a head of steam. After our 2 sessions of hypnosis I have found that there has been a shift in the way I eat and in the way I view food. I have lost weight to be sure, but the shift in the way I see myself in relationship to food has been the aspect that I believe will last much longer than a mere diet for weight loss. I have battled a weight problem since I was a child. I don’t feel at war any longer; more like reconstruction with a new mindset. Thank you again for the caring way that you conduct your sessions and the results that those sessions bring.”

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy | Finding Your Voice | Fort Lauderdale, FL