Weight Loss / Finding Yourself

“Over the past several years I’ve relied on your unique method of hypnosis for quitting smoking, weight loss and those times when I just can’t seem to get it all together. Music, combined with your soothing voice and individualized sessions have worked wonders. When I drove away as a non-smoker after only one session, I couldn’t believe the craving for nicotine had disappeared. Eating did NOT take it’s place and I had no fear of weight gain. The renewed mental clarity and physical calm after a session gives me peace and makes me feel whole again.

And, I’m so glad you teach voice! In a short time, I have such a better understanding of how and where sounds are created. Thank you so very much for the positive impact you continue to make in my life. I will continue to recommend you highly and very soon, literally be singing your praises! You are a true joy!”

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy | Finding Your Voice | Fort Lauderdale, FL