I saw this ad today and laughed heartily. I tend to laugh at reality these days. We are so quick to want anything right this instant that we use whatever means to smokescreen ourselves and everyone else, especially when it comes to our presence on the Internet.

When I was dating and using an App to meet perspective dates, I can’t tell you how many times that the photos of the person I was meeting caught absolutely the best angle, the best moments, and the best days of someone who rarely was the authentic image of the person pictured in the photos. We can painstakingly choose from 1000 photos until we find the one we look sexiest in, but we can never change the moment when someone meets us and sees the truth!

This is why we must not start change with the idea that it is a quick fix. Nothing in life that is worthwhile is quickly gotten. Swiftly given, more swiftly taken away.

If you are interested in changing your weight and building muscle you can commit to a workout schedule with a trainer and eat what he or she tells you. But, I must warn you that if you don’t change your mind about the process you will bounce back to where you began after a while. This is not a magic theory; it’s human nature.

No one wants to be told what to do and how to do it, not even from our own selves.

So, start from the internal messages:

1. Why do you eat to make you happy?

2. When did your self-esteem begin to diminish?

3. What about your looks makes your feel embarrassed?

4. If you can make a change, can you make it for the betterment of yourself?

If you can begin to clear away the smokescreen you placed for your protection, you’ll find a little kid, usually, who really wants to be better and more authentic. You may have to go back and help him or her into adulthood—gently, without judgment, and with a lot of praise.

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