When you sit here day after day watching your own body, your own mind making decisions you don’t like or want, you are a witness to a crime against yourself.

The human body and mind has a hierarchy. The brain rules the body. The Spirit or Soul (the observer) rules the mind—much like the old fable of the angel on one shoulder and devil on the other.

Because of this hierarchy, you have more power than you give yourself over the small things in your life. Take, for instance, something you really want. You have to be honest with yourself. When you really want something, you do whatever it will take to make it happen. You cross bridges, forge unknown areas, and break through walls to get to the prize.

But when you look at things you know you “should” want, actually need because your health is waning, you don’t use the same power you actually have by virtue of this practical hierarchy.

When you access the analytical, decisive power of the brain, this is just half of the strength you have. The soul or “observer” is the highest of these powers. When you access this with either a clear understanding of meditation or through hypnosis, you gain control of your life—clear and simple.

Most people who are hypnotized experience a profound peace and also an understanding of this omniscient, non-judgemental presence that can only be found in this part of our consciousness. Change begins with separating yourself from the problem. This only happens in the “observer mind.”

Let me help you find this part of your mind.

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Bo Sebastian