We think our struggles in life is about one particular piece of minutia. We hone in on the problem as if it were under a large microscope. Our lives become about solving the problem.

However, in the macrocosm of life (in the larger look), our tiny problems are just a speck in a huge life puzzle that we continue to build everyday; sometimes, just getting one piece a day—using this metaphor, they are usually the inside pieces (harder pieces of the puzzle) all one color and having an unusual shape that could fit anywhere.

We blindly build and build… and build, most of the time placing the pieces in the wrong place.

Some of us have a vision of the finished puzzle, which helps with motivation. Some of us don’t have a clue or give a damn about the end result. We are so busy just getting by—having enough money for rent, car, expenses, food, gas… the list goes on.

Life must be about something larger than you or I. If it isn’t, we all might as well just give up. In the macrocosm we see a struggle between the powers of good and evil. Perhaps, life has always been about “which piece will you choose?” I know I’ve been confronted with large choices that could have made my life so much easier, like being offered a corner piece and a bunch of pieces to easily maneuver for the whole, but I would have had to give my soul away to get what I wanted.

As a young man in NYC, I was a singer, looking for a record deal for my Christian Album, “We’re Gonna Live.” I met a producer who became interested in my career and the project. He had the contracts all ready to sign, but he had one last thing to tell me: “Here is the deal. If I do this for you, I’ll be up front about it, you have to have sex with me any time I desire.”

I remember my youthful praise and glee went from joy to sick to my stomach. Life was that clear in the moment: If you want to be famous, there is a price to pay, starting with your soul. If you want the keys to the Earthly Kingdom, you can have them readily by selling your soul. But, what’s more important to you?

In that moment I began to understand the experiences my soul proceeded to have as I grew older. Sometimes, I would make the best decision that I could have, based on my understanding of good and evil. Most times, though, I was fooled by evil and chose it without knowing the experience would be a painful one.

Like the sages say: “Watch out for wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

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