Many people ask me why plant-based is becoming so popular. You can see the social behavioral change when you look at the milk aisles in a grocery store. Where versions of cow’s milk lined 5-10 shelves, now over half of those shelves are filled with plant-based versions of milk. What has caused all these changes in America’s milk habit?

First of all, cow’s milk has never been good for you, despite the way the FDA has pushed it and added vitamins to it. It has always caused mucous in your body, the chemical Casein in it is cancerous, and most grotesquely, there is a certain amount of cow’s blood, pus and feces allowed into pasteurized milk according to FDA standards.

Now that almond, coconut, cashew, oat and soy milk are all available, there is also a wide variety of cheeses, creamers, and yogurt that are also plant-based. This plant-based venture has become even more popular for it’s heart-healthy and weight-loss reasons than anything else, though. I have replaced all of my milk with almond and almond/coconut mixed milk. I feel better for it.

In coffee, I spent about a week snubbing my nose to it, but now I crave it. But in cereal or in cooked food, you can’t even taste the difference (even in mashed potatoes), except that you don’t feel that filmy feeling in your throat after drinking plant-based milk. Just make sure that you don’t buy the vanilla flavored if you are going to cook with it. Buy the original.

Peace, friends.

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