Merriam Webster says “to will” means:

1. — used to say that something is expected to happen in the future

a. — used to say that you want something

b.  used to say that you are willing to do something

c. — used to ask someone to do something

Willing your way through life means that your expectation is for something to happen, you desire to do it, or that you ask someone else to help you do it.

I have always said that your day begins in your mind. What you think “will” come to pass. So, if you want your day to be great, find a way to will your mind to believe it will.

This may sound a little simpler than it is. Yesterday, I spoke about changing bad habits by having a great slogan or affirmation to tell yourself in the face of anything that happens in your life that isn’t exactly what you want.

I believe you should do the same when it comes to your own mind and the will it takes to create better days ahead. Before you ever have to fight a thought or a bad story you tell yourself, be prepared with your spiritual artillery. Have your defense before the day begins. Your defense is “the will.”

I’ll tell you a story that is quite personal. Since the first day I met my husband, we decided to be prayer partners and not date. We wanted to succeed at prayer—at coercing the energy of life to bend in our favor.

We both had studied a great deal about prayer and changing our story, but we wanted to see how this power could change, if two people were using it consistently. We have prayed affirmative prayer together all but 2-3 days of our entire relationship. Even when we are angry at each other, we bite our lip and pray. We believe that God and our relationship to the spiritual universe is more important than our earthly relationship. We know this to be true at the core of our authentic selves.

After four years of being together, the power of prayer has shown us that there is no better choice for humans than to use their power to change their mental story using prayer and affirmation, especially with another person. Even Jesus said, “where two or more are gather, in thy presence I will be…”

More to come on this.

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