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Bo Sebastian, Hypnotist

Hypnosis on Las Olas
In the Mind (at Hypnosis on Las Olas)

At Hypnosis on Las Olas, one cannot truly appreciate the present moment when he or she is stuck in the endless chatter of the brain—especially when when he or she believes that every thought in the brain is yours to possess.  

However, freeing your brain and stopping the chatter within is the best and easiest way to gain peace of mind.  

Unraveling the Messages in the Mind

Stuck in a loop of endless mind chatter is where we often live without realizing it. However, we at Hypnosis on Las Olas discover the final war is in the mind of our clients. As practitioners, we have taken careful note of what we believe and what causes us to believe it. Therefore, the concentration should be on the content of the brain and how to stabilize the thoughts you are being fed by Race Consciousness, negativity of the past, or beliefs about yourself others have successfully managed to program into your brain. 

What would happen if you created a new, peaceful story now with new neural pathways to the brain coming directly from your subconscious connection to the One Presence, One Love, One Power—God, the Good? 

Hypnosis on Las Olas

With 32 years of experience and a new, great office in beautiful Fort Lauderdale, Hypnosis on Las Olas creates a clear path to health and prosperity for many people in South Florida. I will help put you on the road to peace of mind and keep you there, so that you may rewrite your prosperous story daily, as in my book: “Your New Story, Your New Life.

becoming happier & healthier

  • Begin your change from the inside
  • Use your spare time to rest
  • Create a joyful, meaningful life!

Beneath the smokescreens we use to protect ourselves from healing change, the voice of a child or an image of our former selves lives in our subconscious. At Hypnosis on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, we believe that this voice has invaded and diluted our precious peace of mind. It’s time to return to stasis.

However, this inner being wants and needs to be whole, fearless, and secure. Hypnosis will help you live life without the shadows of the past. Can we deny these basic needs to our inner consciousness? If not, then help is on its way at our secure and Covid-Safe office in Fort Lauderdale in beautiful Las Olas. 

Hypnotherapy  will help you gently—without judgmentgive that precious life strength to stretch far beyond the boundaries of your own anxiety and stress, to places you may never have imagined for yourself. 

This is where trying ends and BEING begin.

A Happier Healthier Body:

A Healthier Mind

When you learn to be the observer of your mind, you stop judging yourself unfairly. Your self-esteem automatically becomes better. 

A Happier Body

When you quietly observe your actions without judgment, change becomes simple. 

Greater than Yourself

As the observer of your mind, you can more easily create and imagine. Beyond the deductive consciousness in your brain is a garden of the subconscious. Here is where you will safely land as a client at Hypnosis on Las Olas. From here, we will invite change to easily flow through you and AS YOU.

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