Happier Healthier You

To be happier and healthier than you have ever been, you must change your mind and your heart about your current life situation. Many kinds of therapy can help you achieve change, but no therapy makes this change faster than Hypnosis-Therapy. Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to change the old programs in your mind, like updating a computer or your cellphone. The old programs can’t work with the New You. You have to start with changing your story about your situation… in your mind. The change in the action will follow. I promise you this.

Then, when you are interested in changing your weight, quitting a habit, or living life without anxiety or stress, the simple choice will be clear.

Certified Hypnotherapist with 32 Years of Experience

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becoming happier and healthier inside

  • Begin your change from the inside
  • Use your spare time to rest
  • Create a joyful, meaningful life!

Beneath the smokescreens we use to protect ourselves, the voice of a child or an image of our former selves lives in our subconscious. This voice has invaded and diluted our precious peace of mind. It’s time to return to stasis.

This inner being wants and needs to be whole, fearless, and secure. It wants to live life without the shadows of the past. Can we deny these basic needs to this inner consciousness?

I will help you gently—without judgmentgive that precious life strength to stretch far beyond the boundaries of your own anxiety and stress, to places you may never have imagined for yourself. 

This is where trying ends and BEING begin.

A Happier Healthier You
Proud Owner, Bo Sebastian

A Happier Healthier Body:

A Healthier Mind

When you learn to be the observer of your mind, you stop judging yourself unfairly. Your self-esteem automatically becomes better. 

A Happier Body

When you quietly observe your actions without judgment, change becomes simple. 

Greater than Yourself

As the observer of your mind, you can more easily create and imagine. Beyond the deductive consciousness in your brain is a garden of the subconscious. Here is where you will safely land as a client at Hypnosis on Las Olas. From here, we will invite change to easily flow through you and AS YOU.

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