A glitch in your thinking
A glitch in your thinking

A glitch in your thinking, brain

Changing a glitch in your thinking starts with imagining you are the director of your life’s movie.

  • Who would you cast?
  • How would you direct your life? 
  • Who would you recast?

When your computer has a problem, you don’t usually go to the hardware to find a problem with the program’s functioning. You go the corrupted html or computer language. When you change the way the brain waves move, you affect every part of the whole. 

You may ask: How do you get to the DNA or the Neural Pathways to make effective change?

You Must Remove the Glitch in Your Thinking

The process is observation. Remove the glitch in your thinking by observing the pattern in your outward expression of life looping, over and over again. When you notice this pattern, realize that something internally must change. This often begins with “self inquiry.” For a great book about this great way of undoing internal malfunction, try Byron Katie’s book: “Loving What Is.”

It is with your willingness to change that you allow Spirit to begin this miraculous miracle in you, through you, and AS YOU. 

Only by questioning your thoughts can you see what the human brain answers. The answers will sometimes surprise you. When you see what the brain answers, you have to defend your  authentic beliefs by fixing the thought with truth. Often your own thoughts will deny your belief system completely. This is a problem with who you have allowed to program you over the years. (Of course, much of our programming was not our fault at all. We had tutors, parents, and leaders of all kind showing us their way.) Ultimately, when you can’t trust yourself to do the right things, because you deny your own rules with everything you are, CHANGE IS THE ONLY ANSWER. You’re like the teenager sneaking a smoke behind the shed. These thoughts don’t want to get caught. They hide deep in the inner recesses of the mind.

The miracle of change begins in the moment you choose to stop spinning your web of negative thinking, and demand your brain to believe what you and Spirit have set in motion for you adult spiritual life. When you are faced with a contradiction in your life:

  • Ask yourself the simple question: “Is this true?”
  • When your “monkey brain” says, “of course, it’s true;” then ask again: “Are you absolutely sure this is true?
  • For instance: I know my sister is trying her best to keep her daughter from seeing me. (Do you know that’s true? Are you absolutely certain it’s true?) (Have you asked your sister?) (Have you asked her daughter?) When your imagination exults itself above fact, you know you have a problem with your programming—yes, a glitch in your mind. We make up stories to hide our hurt sometimes. We create dual realities that only observation can cure.
  • When you discover a glitch, you tell the glitch the truth. You reprogram the problem with truth—undeniable truth. 
  • When the issue comes up again, you question it again and again, until your mind has no other choice, but to believe your current truth. 
  • Persistence with the “monkey brain” is important. Your brain is human. Your mind, however, is made of only God cells. The God mind must train the human brain like a mother teaching a child.

Furthermore, I always learn from my consistent action. When my actions change, I’ve made considerable and miraculous change.


We give away our peace of mind every time we react emotionally to inevitable change. Peace is yours to keep, not give away. So, if you are not experiencing peace, it’s up to you to share why you are anxious with yourself by carrying on a self dialogue. Yes, that’s right. Question yourself. Work it out together with all the parts of your mind (the good, bad, and the ugly). These are the times when we will be closest to our loved ones and also have a great deal of alone time. Use it to your spiritual and physical advantage.

Some friendly reminders about Peace:

  • You are made in the image and by the grace of Peace. 
  • Peace doesn’t comprehend pandemonium. 
  • Peace of mind is gentle.
  • Peace does not judge you or others.
  • Peace promotes calm and love.

Peace Helps You Keep Your Retrospect in Check

Psychology Today says that “it’s not bad to have negative thoughts …

We just have to stop believing them!” (Change your unhealthy thought process to a positive connection with Hypnotherapy.)

You will always find all the coaching, compassion, and peace of mind you need at Hypnosis on Las Olas with 31 years of experience. You can find what we do? and How we do it here.

A glitch in your thinking
Change is Coming
Pause and Observe; Choose Peace

The Physiology of Hypnotherapy:

By going into a subconscious, light sleep or trance, a hypnotists helps find the pathways connecting your outside stimulus to your negative thoughts (food, smoking, anxiety). The work begins in the frontal cortex of your brain

Disconnect the root cause (stress, relationship problems, no quality ME time) at the foot of the pathway (the place where our response to triggers happens) and build a healthy, new pathway to positive outcomes in your life—a new story for tomorrow.

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I’d love to help you find peace, regain control over your life, and build a bridge to a positive future.

Bo Sebastian, owner for 32 years.

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