Hypnosis services

Hypnosis Helps These Conditions:

  1. Stop Smoking or Cessation

    I have cured 1000s of people in 3 sessions or less. You can be the next.

  2. Weight Loss, Lose pounds quickly and easily

    Losing weight is an on going battle. If you change your mind about the process, you can make life-long change. I have helped a woman who was 340 pounds lose 150 lbs in three months.

  3. Reduce Anxiety and Stress

    A day of stress, fear and anxiety is too much. Let me help you change your brain’s neural pathways to create new and healthy triggers, instead of that old story you have been living with.

  4. Habits

    Nail biting, chewing tobacco, biting your lip, use of language that isn’t appropriate, alleviate sports bad habits.

  5. Regression

    You’re been thinking about past lives. You’ve heard about. You’re afraid to try it. You think it may be fake. Well, there is only one way to find out. I did my first regression about 20 years ago and it changed my life. You know, it doesn’t matter if what I saw or felt was “real.” What matters is that it changed me.

  6. Insomnia Therapy

    Sleep problems are among America’s worst issue with health. If you don’t sleep, you don’t heal. I went to one session and was cured. I can’t guarantee that will be your case, but I’ve been there and I know how to treat this. I love sleeping now.

  7. Learn to Quiet Your Mind

    Refresh your mind and rewrite your story. Change starts from the story you tell yourself.

  8. Diseases: Pain, IBS, TN, Aches, Chronic Arthritis, Heart Problems

    All of these issues can be helped with hypnosis. Call me and I’ll tell you how.

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