While watching the news a couple of days ago, I saw #Mariah_Carey’s response to her old Christmas song, “All I Want for Christmas” reaching #1 status, after so many years. She half-sat, half-lay on her divine sofa, wearing sparkles and shoes with heals so high she couldn’t possibly walk in (or dared to after her trip and fall debacle). She calmly stated how happy she was that the sentiment of her song finally reached the people. Really?

I sat there wondering for a moment. What exactly had happened for this 30-year-old song to go from a distant memory to a number one hit? Who was behind it? And why?

In this day and age, nothing just happens… Come on! Someone in Mariah’s company decided that he or she was going to push this song forward since there were no other new songs out for the holidays. They called up the radio stations. They recorded an announcement for the news stations. They absolutely knew what they were doing to make this a #1 hit this year.

Why am I using this as an example on Christmas day of something worthy of discussion? 

We are constantly and consistently being manipulated as we form our own opinions on what to listen to, what to eat, how much to eat, when to fast, when to pray, how we should pray, are we to pray at all. What kind of exercise is best this year, what diets are working best, what food are Power foods, what lettuce will make you sick… the list goes on and on.

We listen and we create our feelings and thoughts based on the data we see pushed in our faces. What if, however, there were no data, like in the old days. How were we able to make our decisions then?

The truth is that every PR company has been trying to gain your attention. Even 50 years ago, we were being manipulated in some way, but perhaps not in the voluminous ways we are now with the dawn of Internet and Social Media.

I’m concerned about how things like commercials and advertising affect our hunger for all the things we think we need in life.

Many of my clients try very hard to reduce cravings and exercise more to stop the bad food habit or lose the desire to smoke or find the peace enough sleep at night. I am concerned about how affected by the stimulous that bombards us each day on Social Media and television. Even when we pay to go to a movie— just to see that particular movie—we sit through twenty minutes of advertisements. We are never alone with ourselves long enough to form our own opinions. When that happens I must suggest that we spend some quality time without such disruptions and the constant inundation to our minds.

I am going on a fast beginning now:

  1. I’m going to limit my social time on line to one hour a day. Work doesn’t count.
  2. I’m limiting my time to watch news to 1/2 hour a day, especially about politics (though, that doesn’t mean I’m less concerned or willing to help)
  3. I’m not going to buy sugar/sweets/carbs snacks for at least a month (I’m starting out slowly, and that’s fine)
  4. I’m going to eat the freshest food available everyday
  5. I’m going to cook most of my food, except for on special ocassions
  6. I’m not going to any restaurants that have buffets (that’s the worst)
  7. I’m going to spend more time talking on the phone and less time texting
  8. I’m going to make time to see someone (a friend or a family member) face to face once a day
  9. I’m going to make a special ocassion of celebrating the love of my husband once a week, but share my love and appreciation everyday
  10. I’m going to exercise outside, in the elements, every day (swimming, walking, yoga).

With this, I release my intention to the One Infinite Source, Creator Intelligence, Love of the Universe. Amen