I’m the owner of Hypnosis on Las Olas in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have been treating clients with many physical and mental issues for over 34 years now, weightloss, smoke cessation, habits, phobias, unreasonable anxiety, and insomnia. Why, you might ask, would hypnosis help these conditions?

I read recently that if you aren’t learning as you teach and practice whatever you do in life, then you aren’t growing into the strongest Spiritual Person you could be. I strongly believe this truth, especially with my practice. Each client, each patient, each soul that walks through my door becomes a personal study about compassion. Every person that leaves my office has been heard, nurtured, and helped by the 59 years I have suffered many different kinds of physical and mental issues, IBS and digestive problems being two of those.

I used to have trouble listening when I was a child. In fact, I would have to take rigorous notes in school so that I wouldn’t let my mind wander. However, since I’ve been a hypnotherapist, I’ve rarely drifted off. Every story of pain that I hears leads me right back to a mind that had been distorted by someone or a traumatic event.

When the mind becomes distorted, it changes the way anyone thinks and treats him- or herself, which could result in many habits and problematic behavior. These ultaimtely lead to illness, both physical and mental.

Over the years I have treated many people with colon and stomach issues. As I said, behind every issue is a story. In every story usually is the key to helping that same person through the difficulties to living with grace and ease. With this stomach and colon issues comes fears that spreads across the spectrum of one’s life. Once you begin to think about it, you can imagine that most of these clients end up cloistered inside, afraid to go anywhere without a flairup. This is when one must understand how fear can justly affect each person’s entire body and ultimately limit life.

When most clients begin to deal with their fears and stop placing their tumult into their digestive system, their illness becomes managable. With any issue that involves uncovering fears and managing them as they are affecting the body, hypnosis is one of the best holistic treatments available.

Let me help!

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Bo Sebastian, Owner of Hypnosis on Las Olas