What I Said & What He Heard
What I Said & What He Heard

What I Said & What He Heard

Who hasn’t experienced being misunderstood resulting in a heated argument. What I said is contingent on how he or she heard it—completely, unequivocally.

What I Said & What He Heard

I have had the honor of coaching married clients through hard break-ups and sometimes reconciliation. Almost everything in the process is about what is heard, as opposed to what is actually said. Honestly, most people do not mean to piss off their partners daily. They seriously are trapped, though, with unhealthy communication skills. What if we could change relationship by adding a few simple steps? Would you do them? 


A confides that he or she needs help dealing with a spouse or long-term relationship. Upon announcing that, I suggest that it may be possible to work with both clients to find some common ground. Some say, “We’ve tried couples counseling before. All we did was fight.” 

I say, “This is different. I want to see each of you for 5 sessions and work on yourselves, first. The initial goal:

  • find peace,
  • grow spiritually,
  • become more honest,
  • learn how to be authentic, and
  • most importantly, learn how to breathe and meditate.
  • When that portion is done, then I take you both together. I’ll let you know what to expect closer to the day.”

Usually the partner begrudgingly comes in for the first session. Often, during the session, the partner realizes the severity of the situation and gets real, maybe even breaks down and cries for the first time in a long time. 


When both are ready, we embark in a vision quest together with the goal being: 

  • With love at the center of my desire for you, how do we move forward without continuing to hurt each other? 
  • What does six months from now look like? 
  • What does a year look like from now? 
  • How do we get to our goal together?

These questions are carefully parsed, with each partner holding a speaking stick and having an equal share in the coordination of the future either together or apart. 

I’ll continue with this in my next blog… Sign up for the blog on my website or in WordPress. 

Much peace, 




Are you looking for help with anxiety or are you bored at home. 

Try this yoga practice below on YouTube I made just for this purpose or give me a call for a 10 minute consultation. I’d love to work through your stress at this time with you. 

The process is so simple, it doesn’t make sense that it could result in such a vast change in mind. You could do some seated yoga. I actually made 3 different yoga videos on YouTube you could go to now and enjoy how great you’ll feel if you spend just a little time getting your body free of stress. But, I can’t do it for you. This article about it can make you do it. You  must be a self-started at home, as well as work. Set your mind to a clear schedule of things to do. This would be a brilliant time to learn a new language or clean out the closets.



We give away our peace of mind every time we react emotionally to inevitable change. Peace is yours to keep, not give away. So, if you are not experiencing peace, it’s up to you to share why you are anxious with yourself by carrying on a self dialogue. Yes, that’s right. Question yourself. Work it out together with all the parts of your mind (the good, bad, and the ugly). These are the times when we will be closest to our loved ones and also have a great deal of alone time. Use it to your spiritual and physical advantage.

Some friendly reminders about Peace:

  • You are made in the image and by the grace of Peace. 
  • Peace doesn’t comprehend pandemonium. 
  • Peace of mind is gentle.
  • Peace does not judge you or others.
  • Peace promotes calm and love.

Peace Helps You Keep Your Retrospect in Check

Psychology Today says that “it’s not bad to have negative thoughts …

We just have to stop believing them!” (Change your unhealthy thought process to a positive connection with Hypnotherapy.)

You will always find all the coaching, compassion, and peace of mind you need at Hypnosis on Las Olas with 31 years of experience. You can find what we do? and How we do it here.

What I Said & What He Heard
What I Said & What He Heard
What I Said & What He Heard

The Physiology of Hypnotherapy:

By going into a subconscious, light sleep or trance, a hypnotists helps find the pathways connecting your outside stimulus to your negative thoughts (food, smoking, anxiety). The work begins in the frontal cortex of your brain

Disconnect the root cause (stress, relationship problems, no quality ME time) at the foot of the pathway (the place where our response to triggers happens) and build a healthy, new pathway to positive outcomes in your life—a new story for tomorrow.

Email me at bosebastian5@gmail.com or call/text at: 954-253-6493 now! 

I’d love to help you find peace, regain control over your life, and build a bridge to a positive future.

Bo Sebastian, owner for 32 years.

Clinical Hypnosis has been known to help these 145 problems: 

145 Ways Hypnotherapy Might Help You…

  • Abandonment
  • Addictions
  • Age Regression
  • Aggression
  • Agoraphobia
  • Anesthesia
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Assertiveness
  • Assist Healing
  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Biofeedback
  • Breathing
  • Career Success
  • Change Habits
  • Panic Attacks
  • Pessimism
  • Phobias
  • Stage Fright
  • Stressful days
  • Study Habits
  • Weight Loss
  • Worry
  • Writers Block and much more
  • For the full list go to: here​
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