Change is hard. Everyone knows the facts. Change is even harder when it requires a life-long commitment.

Let’s look at two habits that require change: cigarette smoking and overeating.

1. If you do either of these long enough and in excess you will die.

Not many people have survived extreme obesity and cancer. They usually end in death.

2. If you decide you want to stop smoking or lose weight, you will find support from all of the people you love, even the people you annoy with your habit will be on your side. Everyday, your body will thank you. Most importantly, you will attain self-esteem from listening to your own inner voice of wisdom.

3. If you smoke and continue to do so without change, you will continue to pay $10 a pack, or whatever the cost these days, and literally throw money into an ashtray that contains the ashes, like scars of the tar, nicotine and tobacco that has surged through your lungs and veins wreaking havoc there.

4. If you stop smoking, you’ll not only immediately begin to cleanse your own body and lungs, but within a year, it will be as if you have never smoked before. Within 3 years, your lungs will turn pink again.

5. If you continue to overeat, you will cause your heart to have to work much harder than it should. You will have neuropathy in all of your extremities, including your eyes (blindness can be a direct response to diabetes). Your legs and knees and ankles will swell, because these parts of your body shouldn’t have to carry the extra weight.

6. If you choose to lose weight, you can learn to eat the kinds of food that are not addictive. The healthy, fresh food that doesn’t contain a myriad of sugars, dyes, and salt. When you choose vegetables and fruit, you will automatically see a change in your digestive system as well. You will evacuate the toxins from your body.

The list of pros and cons could go on for pages. Stop your bad habits now! It’s either stop of live the last few years of your life battling disease.

If you have never seen a person battle the wounds from heart and lung disease, you should take a look around the web and YouTube. Look for testimonials that will change your mind forever.

Hypnosis can help.

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