When I tell a person that I am a hypnotherapist, the answer I usually hear is: “Does that work?”

Wryly, I respond: “I’ve devoted the last 30 years of my life to something that never, ever works!” I pause and say, “Really?” Generally, they understand the sarcasm.

The truth is that I had been 5 years an insomniac. Nothing I tried, had worked—no drug, no incantation, nothing, until Hypnosis. I went to one very expensive $250 hypnosis session in New York. After the session, I listened to the recording 2x. That night I slept without incident.

However, insomnia is not one of the main conditions I have spent the last 31 years curing. Usually, I work with addictions (smoking, food, alcohol, tobacco). The next issue I work with the most is fear or phobias.

Hypnosis helps block negative thought paths and begin new and healthy neural pathways. The easiest explanation is: The subconscious holds the key to effective change. If you don’t change the way you “feel” about something, you’ll never see an external change.

When a hypnotherapist puts you in a slight sleep or trance, he or she has access to your internal thought process, reframing and reshaping it from there. When you awake, you simply feel different and more empowered. It’s that simple. In weight loss, hypnotherapy is considered the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off.

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