I have spent many years helping people with dieting and also trying to understand the perspective of eliminating or limiting certain food from my personal experience.

As a young man, I never had a problem losing weight. I had trouble gaining weight. I was 128 pounds wet, until I was 30 years old with a 28 waist. Now, I wish I could get about 40 pounds closer to that weight at fifty-nine. Not getting to have what I want to eat is a total drag. Don’t I know it.

I look at my shirts fitting tighter and tighter, my dress pants and blue jeans are uncomfortable, because those aren’t the pants with the stretchy waistbands. What’s a mother to do?

Hypnosis has worked for so many of my clients that I thought I’d give myself the opportunity to try it for myself. What would happen if I entered into an actual weight-loss program with another hypnotist, and how would I do with it? The concept was worth a try. It wasn’t beyond my own expectations of others.

So, about a month ago I began the sessions.

Session #1: Just to tell someone else my story and hear some constructive answers was a relief. Then, the hypnosis part of the session felt a little weird. It had been a long time since I rendered myself helpless with another practitioner of the same ilk. She was great, though. I took the MP3 home and listened every day, some times 2x.

Results: First week: lost 2 pounds. Still had a lot of cravings, though.

Session #2: We recognized that much of my food issues were based around two things: a). I feel as if I’m an adult and I don’t want to be told what to do, EVEN BY MYSELF! and b). I’m eating my frustration about money flow and my new business.

Results: Second week: Lost no more weight, but I felt a strong relief about understanding “what” I was doing to myself. The weight loss felt as if it were spiritual. I knew that I had to develop my own understanding of how to control my food behavior. My hypnotherapist was smart. She made this session about taking care of me, and not about losing weight. Good call!

Session #3: We drilled down on the ways I could reduce cravings, added post hypnotic suggestions about specific food at very specific times of the day.

Results: Third week: Lost 4 more pounds and got back to doing yoga 3 times a week and felt as if my stomach was shrinking.

I’d like to help you through this same weight trauma. I have every belief that I will control my own situation, which makes me more confident than ever with you. With a steady move forward with my new intention, I’ll accomplish my weight loss goal. You will, too! I know this.

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