I was teaching a yoga class last night. When I shared with a couple of people who watched the class that I do spend considerable time working abs, one man said, “I’ll be there if I have to leave work early!” He had gained 20 lbs over Christmas, all in his belly.

No one likes being overweight. Even people who have decided to stop dieting do it because they are tired of the circle of self-deprecation that they feel whenever they stop dieting and re-gain the weight they lost. It’s an uphill climb if you don’t have a coach or had a rock-solid will.

Hypnotherapy along with exercise and the right diet is considered the leading help therapy to get your mind wrapped around a new way of living. Changing your story about food is the only way you can make considerable change in your diet and in your life.

I can help. Hypnosis on Las Olas (working remotely online as well): 954-253-6493. Call now and mention this blog and get $25 off your first session.

Bo Sebastian