Every year I hear the gurus tauting about the latest way to #lose_weight. If diets, in general, were effective, then the diets would stay popular for more than a year. I have noticed, however, that this year’s go-to word (besides Keto) is intermittent fasting, which is not really a diet. It is a way of life that seems to feel authentic and easy for many of my friends. Apparently, given my recent reading from a Harvard study, this makes the most sense scientifically.

Most of us wake to a cup of coffee or tea. I know after my one cup of coffee, I could probably forgo eating for about 4-5 hours with no problem. Add that to the time I had slept. Alas, without trying I have created an intermittent fast. (I am aware with the diet you’re not supposed to drink coffee.)

My hubby has been doing an intermittent diet for about a year now. No one had ever told him the specifics or the science involved in the concept. He simply had been led by the needs of his own body, in touch with that drive, and his own hunger. My husband is 6’3″ and eats like a mule in heat for dinner and lunch. But, before that, you may find him eating just a couple of bananas with almond butter. He has lost about 25 lbs of fat and gained about 15-20 pounds of muscles in all the right place. “Way to go, Dave!” His body has really transformed in the past year.

Of course, he didn’t just intermittent fast; he, also, ate a vegan diets of mostly vegetables and fruit, with the occasional vegan-protein product. He also goes to the gym and works out muscles groups 3-4 times a week. Almost every day he does some kind of simple cardio, even if it’s a brisk walk on the beach.

I’ve watched him gently and organically better his health and body each day, as it should be, with life-long changes, not fad diets. And I have somehow—not quite sure exactly—gained all the 24 lbs. that he lost.

We eat much of the same food, as I’m the cook. I swim while he lifts weights and runs on the treadmill. For the most part, I eat about 2/3 of what he eats at every meal.

About 4 months ago I had mesenchymal stem cells injected into my right hip, as my right hip joint had been deteriorating for last ten of my 59 years. I was told by the physician who treated me that I should take it easy from exercise for at least 3 months after my injection—especially no swimming.

I wasn’t too concerned. I thought that I could manage my weight and do small stretches and stomach exercises, combined with a daily mile-long walk around the lake behind my condo. Alas, to my grave surprise, something had changed within me and outside of me that I hadn’t expected at all.

As part of my fun when I moved to South Florida, I act in commercials when I’m not doing #hypnotherapy. Last month, I was slated to do a 2-day shoot for a hotel chain. After getting cast, the director will ask the talent to bring clothes from home to help with the budget and also because your own clothes tend to fit you better than something a costumer guessed at without a fitting.

For this shoot I decided to bring a mint green, long sleeve shirt that I hadn’t worn in a year. Honestly, I rarely wear it because it is one of my favorite and most expensive shirts. On sale at 75% off, it was $150.

Of course, for the business casual lunch the costume designer chose the mint green shirt. I smiled as she handed me my own shirt. “Ah, this will look perfect for this scene!” she exclaimed.

“I agree.” I gingerly took the freshly pressed dress shirt from the nice woman. I donned the shirt and began to button it, noticing immediately it felt as if it had shrunk about 2-3 times. When I got to the buttons around my stomach, I couldn’t button the shirt at all. All the while, the costumer and a producer was watching me. Suddenly, I felt sick to my stomach… my big stomach.

It was then I realized that I couldn’t fit into my own size medium shirt. Later, I weighed myself and realized I had gained 10-12 pounds in 3 months and probably about 25 in 3 years, since I got married. Yes, I was mortified for many reasons, but mostly because of my disappointment in myself. My fitness and self-esteem had gone down the tubes right in front of some very important producers.

It was time to regroup and take back my weight. Of course, every time I looked at myself in the mirror for the next month, the only thing I could see was an inner tube twice the size of what I was used to. Why hadn’t I turned around to see the back bulge in three months?

Now that I’m able to exercise again, I decided to start with 45 minutes of yoga every day for the first month to stretch out my body and give me some much needed core strength. Honestly, my strength wasn’t too different, but getting accessing my stomach muscles was much more difficult while I carried 12 more pounds, all of which was right at my core.

Yes, it was during the holidays that all of this happened, but I had to admit to myself that I had been cheating with deserts and treats and eating at night more than I had usually eaten. When I knew I should be dieting because I wasn’t exercising as much, why did I decide to stop trying to be healthy?

My focus in life is generally to be at peace. When I feel the best is when I am helping others, taking care of myself, and living in a peaceful environment. I had been doing everything but taking care of my diet. In fact, I was subconsciously rewarding myself with sugary food for being in a good place in life. I think this is why many newlyweds gain weight. They feels as though they don’t have to try so hard anymore to be attractive. But, trying to be healthy is a MUST, not something we put on hold because we’re happy or because it’s a holiday.

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