I really woke up—eyes wide open—when I noticed that none of my dress clothes fit, especially around my stomach. Even still, I didn’t face my weight gain until I had to go to an event wearing dress clothes, and my embarrassment of my own body shape and how my clothes didn’t fit was off the rails.

Why do I say it takes guts?

The first thing you have to do is realize that you are overweight, fat, obese, inflated—use whatever word that will wake you, but put a ring on it and OWN IT. All joking aside, this is the only way forward.

Losing weight is yours to do and no one else’s.

After you admit to yourself you must decide if you have the tools to get you back on track alone.

Many people trying to lose weight have the feeling that they need someone overseeing the process with them, which is why places like Jenny Craig and Weight-watchers is so popular. These people become your support family, which you need. This approach is much like the 12-step program. It works. But, does it address your specific needs? This is where you have to decide if you have what it takes to do it on your own. Only you know.

In these programs, you must eat the food that you buy from them, even if you’re a vegan or vegetarian or gluten-free. And you have to pay a monthly fee. What they recommend is modification, which can easily wane when you stop buying their prepared food program. In other words, they don’t prepare you for life WITHOUT the program. (I’m not dogging these programs or any 12-step program. I really admire anyone who can make considerable change with just a program.)

Getting the nerve to change doesn’t take dependency on a program, because what happens when the program goes away. Change takes understanding your connection to your habit, unhooking from it, and making the life changes you need to continue your progress. Like a turtle crossing a road. Mr. Turtle will absolutely get to other side, but it takes time and patience with yourself.

For this kind of change, you may need the help of someone like a life coach and hypnotherapist. If that’s the case, give me a call: Bo Sebastian at Hypnosis on Las Olas: 954-253-6493

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