I watched the new Judy Garland movie last night, “Judy,” as this year I’m sitting on the voter’s nominating committee for the Screen Actor’s Guild I’ve been inundated with about 30 movies and TV series.

I was mesmerized by Zellweger’s performance. She is sure to gain a nomination, at least from me, she will.
What struck me between the eyes like I was gobsmacked was that Garland exhibited every known symptom of someone who had suffered severe childhood trauma and PTSD, yet everyone in her life, including people who were closest to the problem, didn’t intercede with counsel. They were not hard enough on her and didn’t push her to get help. If her story would have happened in this day and age, all of the public would have known immediately that she was sick, instead o throwing bread and food on her from their seats as she had a breakdown on the stage in front of them. We was not irresponsible and a megalomaniac. She was clearly sick, and it wasn’t so much her fault as it was the fault of the producers and directors that needed her to be the perfect size, the perfect girl, and gave her medication from the time she could swallow pills. Sick shit, in my estimation.
My point is that we have all seen this happening either in someone close, a family member, or best friend. We’ve seen it play out in the media with many stars, whom we admire for coming out of the closet with their stories of triumph over drugs and alcohol, sometimes to simply fall right off the wagon on to their heads, or in worst case scenarios fatally overdose.
The Whitney Houstons and Princes of the world are the most tragic stories in public. However, I see this kind of addiction story every day in my Hypnosis and Life Coaching practice. I’ve heard that cigarette smoking is the most addictive of all drugs. However, alcohol and prescription medication and crystal meth are the most addictive when combined with tragic PTSD stories that never get told because the conditioning has been to help people stop the usage of the drug.
What I’ve noticed over the years, if you don’t peel back the onion and find out how the brain operates and why the brain is malfunctioning, you never change the neural pathways to the problem—the addiction.
In hypnosis, habits like over eating, cigarettes, anxiety (yes, anxiety can be a thought or negative condition, like fear of poverty that plays out like a fear of deadly poisonous snakes). These are inward fears and thoughts that must change or else the forthcoming actions will never have a chance at manifesting a new path, a clear path to health.
If you suffer from any of the above, give me a call. Don’t worry about cost. Get help. Your life and the people around you depend on you getting better.
Bo Sebastian, owner of Hypnosis on Las Olas (for life coaching and yoga too).
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