I had been seven years suffering from insomnia when I went to see my first hypnotherapist. I had gone to a few doctors who had prescribed different medications to make me sleepy or completely knocked out as with Zolpidem or Ambien. Each of these medications had so many side effects, I had decided to try any alternative I could find. In the summer of 1989, while waiting at the Empire State Building in NYC for a seminar, I saw a post on a community bulletin-board for a hypnotherapist. I took down the number and called that evening.

My first appointment was $250. Thirty years ago, $250 was like $500. I worked in New York as a temporary word processor. I had to use an entire week’s pay to go to the appointment. But, when you can’t sleep every night for 7 years, you will try just about anything. The aggravation of spending every evening awake, eyes wide shut, with just your haunting thoughts leading you down roads untraveled is enough to frighten anyone into spending a week’s pay for relief. I stopped at a bookstore on the way home from the seminar, bought a book about hypnosis, so I’d be sure to have this one session work. I couldn’t afford more than one.

To my relief, I didn’t need two sessions. I was fast asleep that very night of the appointment and continued to sleep almost every night, even though I felt as if I hadn’t been hypnotized, which surprised even me.

When I had a problem falling asleep after that first night, I would listen to the recording of my session and get right back to sleep. Going to this clinical #hypnotist is what caused me to become a #hypnotherapist in Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. I read many books on the subject of hypnosis after that. Now, I understand what keeps a person awake and what induces sleep. This understanding is truly the key to insomnia: the difference between the inductive and the deductive mind. When you learn the difference between the two, you can induce sleep at any time of the day or night.

I can help you learn the difference. I consider myself an expert on the subject, since it was my problem to conquer, long before I ever considered creating Hypnosis on Las Olas.

Now some 30 years later, I have helped 100s of people with insomnia, 1000s of smokers quit smoking, and 1000s of overweight people lose weight.

However, the majority of people, though they came to my office with a specific problem, truly didn’t understand one important aspect of this healing process. Hypnosis unlocks the subconscious and prepares it for healing. Many who thought they came to hypnotherapy for anxiety or stress, really didn’t know that what they would discover was that they had been holding anger for a particular family member or an ex. The process is like peeling an onion: we peel back the layers and see what your issues have been blocking.

It’s important to find a therapist whom you can trust. Make sure, as did I, that you speak on the phone to a practitioner and feel a sense of confidence and great understanding of the science of hypnosis before you proceed. Don’t just look at cost. There were plenty of hypnotists in NYC who would have seen me for $50. But I wanted the best… as should you.

Give me a call at Hypnosis on Las Olas: 954-253-6493.

Bo Sebastian