Peace in the midst of the storm
Peace in the midst of the storm
I'm so ready for peace of mind

Peace in the Midst of a Storm

How do you achieve the peace that passes all understanding in the midst of a storm? If you haven’t been moving in the direction of peace in your meditation and with yoga and in your spiritual belief, you simply haven’t been listening to the call. The universe has been trumpeting this message for the past 3-4 years.

You may ask: How do you get this peace?

Downloading Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Every day you have the opportunity to recharge your spiritual and physical battery. We sleep to recharge the physical body, but what do we do for our mind and soul? Have you tried just sitting still before you get on with your daily routine? 

The process is so simple, it doesn’t make sense that it could result in such a vast change in mind. But, it does. In these quiet moments (it doesn’t matter how long one stays still), before my world awakens:

  • it feels as if I get a download of energy,
  • understanding of the day, and
  • dreams that may influence my choices during that particular week. 

“In Peace, I will both Lie Down and Sleep; for you alone, oh Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

Ben came to me riddled with anxiety. He was afraid to sleep, afraid he would get sick if he ventured outside his apartment; feared everyone who loved him would leave him; and his worst fear, he was afraid of death. 

As we began to unravel his fear, of course, the entire premise of fear came from one main anxiety: the fear that there is nothing or no one to count on. Insecurity is the primal fear in everyone’s heart. Beneath that anxiety is fear of death itself. 

The Buddhists path makes a practice of imagining death. In fact, they also see their bodies decaying and becoming one with the Earth. Also, it is a good practice to do this imagery with everyone you love the most. 

That’s disgusting, you might be thinking. But is it? 

When you face your mortal fears, especially the fears that are inevitable (all of the above—your death and the death of everyone really), then you begin to allow life to happen. When life just happens, you realize that peace is not just in the midst of the storm, but it is the storm itself. 

Ben gave me permission to move through a very deep hypnosis session with him, one where we opened the doors of some of his worst fears. As we gently processed the space behind each door, he realized that all of the fears he had were based on his worst imaginations. He also realized that he needed to have a lot more faith in that which drives and generates the universe. 

When he opened this door to trust, tears filled his eyes. It was as if a thousand pounds of weight lifted from his soul.*** When he awoke from the trance, he admitted he had never felt such peace in his entire life. Will he continue to recreate the sense of peace each day? That is entirely up to him, and ultimately, up to everyone reading this. Will you take time to download this peace each day?

***(This is just one of thousands of instances of how trance and hypnosis practices change the inner portion of the mind or the subconscious to bring a new, healthier image of the future.  


We give away our peace of mind every time we react emotionally to inevitable change. Peace is yours to keep, not give away. So, if you are not experiencing peace, it’s up to you to share why you are anxious with yourself by carrying on a self dialogue. Yes, that’s right. Question yourself. Work it out together with all the parts of your mind (the good, bad, and the ugly). These are the times when we will be closest to our loved ones and also have a great deal of alone time. Use it to your spiritual and physical advantage.

Some friendly reminders about Peace:

  • You are made in the image and by the grace of Peace. 
  • Peace doesn’t comprehend pandemonium. 
  • Peace of mind is gentle.
  • Peace does not judge you or others.
  • Peace promotes calm and love.

Peace Helps You Keep Your Retrospect in Check

Psychology Today says that “it’s not bad to have negative thoughts …

We just have to stop believing them!” (Change your unhealthy thought process to a positive connection with Hypnotherapy.)

You will always find all the coaching, compassion, and peace of mind you need at Hypnosis on Las Olas with 31 years of experience. You can find what we do? and How we do it here.

Power Within to Heal Yourself
Peace in the midst of the storm
Pause and Observe; Choose Peace

The Physiology of Hypnotherapy:

By going into a subconscious, light sleep or trance, a hypnotists helps find the pathways connecting your outside stimulus to your negative thoughts (food, smoking, anxiety). The work begins in the frontal cortex of your brain

Disconnect the root cause (stress, relationship problems, no quality ME time) at the foot of the pathway (the place where our response to triggers happens) and build a healthy, new pathway to positive outcomes in your life—a new story for tomorrow.

Email me at or call/text at: 954-253-6493 now! 

I’d love to help you find peace, regain control over your life, and build a bridge to a positive future.

Bo Sebastian, owner for 32 years.

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  • Career Success
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  • Phobias
  • Stage Fright
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