I wish for one thing every day—peace!

I was given an exercise in a goal setting workshop. We had to pick 10 things we thought would bring us happiness. As the workshop went on, we had to keep choosing from the list to find out exactly which of these defining factors would rise to the top of our list.

A strange twist happened halfway through the exercise. The facilitator asked the participants to replace our goals with “the feeling we thought the goal give us.”

In that moment my life changed. I realized that all the money and fame in the world, every dream of every book published, album made, money earned, love gained came down to one thing: PEACE of MIND.

When you reach down deep into your heart, you realize all that you want is to feel secure and at peace. Love makes us feel secure and at peace. Money makes us feel secure and peaceful. Health will bring you peace. Even fame, if that’s what you choose, brings a certain sense of security.

So, I changed my prayer to “Spirit God, lead me to whatever will bring the most peace to my life and the life of everyone around me.”

Thirty years later, I have not achieved fame. I am not by any means financially secure. But I am pursuing my dreams, being led by Spirit, and have love all around me.

Today, I’m the most fortunate man in the world.

Let’s get your life in order, your priorities in order.

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