I get it. Nothing is worse than laying out your clothes for an important event. Ten minutes before you’re ready to leave you don your shirt, only to find that that not only it doesn’t fit, but you are an inch from the buttons meeting the holes!

Horrified doesn’t not even begin to measure the feeling of disgust you experience. How… how in the hell did I get to the place where I don’t even fit into last year’s clothes?

The answer is easier than you think. Your highest consciousness has lost the will to “tame” or “oversee” the voice of your physical will. Honestly, the weight gain comes down to this thought. My desire to be in shape is less than my desire to eat whatever I want.

As we get older, busier, less active, and care less about our looks, we tend to look for easy ways to satisfy our hunger. This complicates the problem. Easy food is usually fat-producing food. Lastly, when time is at a premium, the last thing on your list is exercise!

You have the power within to get back in shape. You have always had the power and the time. You have not become a priority in your own life. That is what must change—NOW.

So, be thinking about gathering the will to get your life back in order, your weight back to normal or completely off, and regain your self-esteem.

Hypnosis has been proven to help with #weightloss more than any other diet program. I’m talking long-term and short-term effects. Let’s face it, you want to change your mind about dieting to a place where you simply choose balance, small amounts of fatty and sugary delights, and a regimen of exercise that fits into your life. It’s fast, it’s one hour a week for as long as you need a coach. It’s exactly what you need.

Hypnosis on Las Olas, Bo Sebastian, Owner


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