One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is full of excuses for everything in his or her life:

    My sister bought my favorite cookies and I just had to have one or three;
    My wife was annoying me so I went on a bender;
    This driver in front of me was so slow that I’m 1 hour late; and
    I’m not usually like this, but….

Come on. Take responsibility for your actions, because the result of you not accepting responsibility is a difficult one.

What happens when you relinquish all responsibility of your life?

Psychology Today says:

“Today’s “help” is based on the disease model. It sees emotional distress as a disease that experts can treat. Your brain is thus akin to your car: something you don’t tinker with yourself.

The disease model trains us to see happiness as an entitlement. It presumes that happiness is effortless for the “normal” brain. If you are not effortlessly happy, you are entitled to a cure. You learn to expect effortless happiness from the healthcare system.”

When we feel entitled to happiness, we begin to expect the people in our lives to fall in line with this premise. Therein, lies the shadow of narcissistic behavior beginning.

I have taken on the tough idea that all things that I do and that happen to me are worth taking a good hard look at. I need to feel emotions—not to vanquish them—all the presumed attacks, hurts, pain, and of course all of its opposites: joy, love, compassion.

As I feel these raw emotions, I teach myself to cope. Coping with sadness is a learned behavior. Many people turn to food, drugs, smoking and a plethora of other addictions to create smoke screens around these problems. As you may have noticed, this only creates another larger problem.

If you don’t deal with an emotion and then stuff it down, it will likely express in other harmful ways.

As a clinician who helps people to deal with stress and anxiety, I also use hypnosis to get rid of the annoying habits that you don to protect yourself from all of the pain in your life. Quite simply, anyone needing help with a habit, needs to see the “why” before he or she can make effective change.

Hypnosis on Las Olas can help:

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