Everyone has felt the presence of someone special walk into a room. The crowd gets quiet. The light around them expands. It’s as if something ominous is about to happen. Basically, the energy shifts.

Of course, the same or worse can happen with a negative person—rife with anger, hurt, pain, revenge, etc. These emotions, if you’re not careful, can infect you like the common cold. You must take precautions.

I often tell my coaching and hypnosis clients that when you live in a world of positive and negative (which most people do), then staying in the positive field of energy is imperative to keeping your peace. I say it’s like: “being a crystal in the chaos.”

If you are very enlightened, you may say that energy is just energy, it’s neither good nor bad. I get that concept too. But you have to be in an observer point of view to access this kind of separateness from negativity. Honestly, I live there half the time, and the other times, I wrestle with the negativity as if I have to literally “leave me alone.” I usually say something like this:

“There is only spirit, one love, active in my life, present in this situation: God the Good! This love covers me, protects me now, and will continue to protect me during this time of distress.” Then I give my angels permission to act on my behalf. Lastly, I sit in the silence and wait for the peace to descend on me. The last part is the hardest, because often you don’t have a chance to get away from that negativity to a place of quiet.

When I do what I say above, I inevitably find peace and calm. I’ve very rarely come out of a negative situation holding on to it. If that happens, though, I ask someone else to pray with me. “Where two or more are gathered,” Jesus says, “There I am.”

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