Most people spend 75% of each day thinking thoughts that they have already thought—reminiscing about the past and wishing they could have changed it. What happens when you spend your day lost in your mind, thinking about the past?

You miss the present. As you may have heard many times: the present is a gift, which is why it’s called the “present.”

If you really spent some time by yourself, alone with your thoughts, you would recognize this simple truth. Why are we so wrapped up in our old thoughts? What change can we hope to make if we are inside our head, instead of living life in the present?

If the gifts of life are in the present, then maybe someone or something doesn’t want you to ever recognize that the true gifts of Spirit God may be inside of you or within your grasp.

If this is true, who or what might that someone or something be?

Barely look at what’s going on in your life as compared to how you perceive what’s going on in your life. If you are behind the camera lens of your life, producing the film, hiring the actors to play all the parts of your life; then, what you think about this script is very important. Is it a drama, comedy, or tragedy? Have you cast yourself as the lead character or are you simply directing others to get what you want?

These questions are more important than you can possibly imagine. Let me help you find some answers?

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