We have all heard albums of hits from our favorite artists that reflect the best of the best. Usually on those albums, though, are about 3-4 songs that we think, I don’t even remember that song, let alone think it’s a hit! This is just filler.

However, the producers put these filler songs on the album to nudge you into buying the 6 songs you really like. I’ve never been a fan of buying albums. I usually only end up liking a couple of the songs on the entire album. I guess, this is why the record industry is in such flux. With the dawn of being able to buy just one favorite song from an album, buying albums is a thing of the past, for the most part.

What else in our life do we buy into and put up with the “filler” just to have the parts of that certain thing we like and enjoy?

  • Do you go to a church, because you like the music and some of what the speaker says, but really don’t agree with some of the message?
  • Do you belong to a social group that is more about your image than your desire?

Isn’t it time to realize that our lives have only 24 hours in a day. Most of them are already used by work and sleep and eating.

Why would you want to compromise any of your free time?

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