Every year for the past 50 or so years I have said to myself:

This year is going to be the one where I take hold of life, great things will happen, and will be the end of strife.

Literally, every year I said the same thing. I’m not saying I was depressed or my life was going nowhere. I’m saying that I expected too much from the “magic” of the New Year and, perhaps, not enough from my own self.

About 20 years ago I began a ritual: get away on New Years, alone with a journal, then create a To-do List for the New Year. I focused only on my good and what I wanted to create. I never went through one of those years without completing the list. But, by the end of the year, did I not have another wish for a different and better year?

I’m not so sure that finance, relationship, fun, ski trips, and the like are things that really change life and make it secure. I do know, however, that the goal of “peace” is the only thing that has ever made a difference.

I read a post this morning that made a lot of sense, by Zdravko Cvijetic that suggested these vital things:

1. Give up on the unhealthy lifestyle

2. Give up the short-term mindset 

3. Give up on playing small

4. Give up your excuses 

These encapsulate the idea that we can make considerable change in our lifestyle, relationships, work, prosperity, and security by making wishes on New Years.

Life is about planting seeds that take root. No tree that flourishes with fruit has ever been planted, grown, and produced fruit after just one year. Trees that bear much fruit take time and diligence, and most often special care when they grow from tender saplings to become strong, deeply rooted trees.

In 2020 remember to reach deeper. Look farther ahead. Take note of your past mistakes and don’t remake them. Most importantly, seek out peace at all costs. Whatever it is that does not server that peace, get rid of… cast it aside.

Say this to yourself, daily: I am willing and ready for change!

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