Every morning I wake up just as the sun comes up over the Atlantic Ocean. Coco, my pup, is excited for his morning walk around Lake Emerald, which makes me happy to be awake this early. I look at the sky. Breathtaking. I thank God for a new chance to make things right in my life, to grow into a better beacon of God’s compassion and love, and for a bright look at my brand new life ahead!

Psychology Today says that the past can be the very block that insists on pushing you backward every time you take a step forward. The opportunity to change the past is where are sights must be set. Today is the best day of your life.

There was a older man, around 80, I’d guess, whom I walked past every morning on my way to the mailbox. I would say, “Good day. How are you?” He’d respond, “It’s the best day of my life, thank you.”

For a few years I would laugh, thinking that this man must be a little loony. Then, I heard the story of his hard life and all the many tragedies he had endured, including his house burning down and losing his two children and wife to that fire. Suddenly, I was more curious than anything about his positive attitude. 

So, I garnered the courage to ask him why he was so positive. He shared that many years ago he realized that he could do nothing about the cards life had dealt him. In fact, if he decided that he would count it a blessing to have had the experiences and live to be able to talk about them, he could find the courage to live a new day. Soon, his courage turned into a steadfast desire to live each days as if it were the last. His take on life was refreshing.

The majority of people who come to me for hypnosis find that that they have what I call a prerecorded Loop of the past playing in their minds, 24/7. The key to practicing the now and feeling blessed about the opportunities you face today is simply becoming present—getting out of your head and into your body, your sight, the smells, the sounds of the birds singing. This is an awareness issue.

You’ll find that getting present is a matter of learning to focus in on parts of the body and their connection to the Earth. For instance, start with your breath. Feel that each breath you take consciously is a brand new one and that no two breaths are exactly the same—like snowflakes. 

Next, the Tibetan Buddhists have a tradition of staying present that’s very simple. If you are driving and find that you are in your head instead of watching what’s going on around you, simply feel your toes in your shoes. Then feel the pressure of your feet pushing down onto the floorboard. 

These two simple techniques will get you right back in the present. However, if you feel that you don’t enjoy being in the present, when in fact you actually don’t like the present moment, then you are probably facing an avoidant area of your life that could lead to addiction. 

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