As a hypnotherapist, I generally don’t seek assistance from other hypnotists, because I don’t have a lot of faith in their expertise. This is like eating someone else’s spaghetti sauce when you’re Italian. LOL Seriously, you get accustomed to a certain way of doing things, tasting things, or relaxing. Something different feels weird or uncomfortable, especially after a lifetime of the same things.

However, I love other healing modalities. I’ve tried them all.

This being said, what does a hypnosis practitioner do if he or she needs help with hypnosis? Do I use an App with a prerecording?

No. I have tried most of them, and none of them is successful in tapping into my authentic needs. I would more likely record my own voice saying what I need to tap into my own subconscious mind. Then listen to the recording as I’m relaxing.

I don’t believe a generic, prerecorded hypnosis track to stop smoking can help you more than a personal session. The person who recorded the track doesn’t know who you are, male or female, how old you are, how many cigarettes you smoke a day, what your triggers are, etc. The person recording the track must make the tape as generic as possible, in fact.

So, if you are helped by it, most of the reason is that this is something you needed, all you could afford, and it must work. In other words you were the person who made it work.

Generally, people need a friendly, compassionate voice who has listen for about 30 minutes to his or her specific needs. Apps are fine for meditation. But, when you need specific help, go to a professional.

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