I don’t believe in total deprivation. I don’t think our bodies or minds rebelling is a good thing. Every part of your mind and body don’t fight you to get some chocolate for no good reason. There is a reason. However, what you don’t know probably can kill you if you let your thoughts and feelings overrule your deductive skills as an adult. What you would do for a child concerning food and treats—is probably what you should do for yourself.

1. Give yourself a pay off. (example: (1) if I eat mostly veggies and small portions during dinner , I can have a small piece of pie. (2) If I go to the gym, I can have a 1/2 cup of ice cream afterwards.(low fat, but still yummy).

2. Realize that your stomach is not all that big. Look at the food on your plate and try to imagine what all of that food would look like in your stomach. Will it fit? Do you stop eating when you’re full? (Something to think about.)

3. Lastly, a little of one thing is not going to kill you; however, for some people a little sugar is a gateway to a lot of sugar. Be careful with your gateway drugs. (If an entire bag of cookies is next to me, I would be better served to not eat any, because one cookie leads to the entire box. However, if I’m at a Starbucks and I order a little treat with my coffee, I’m fairly safe that I won’t go back and keep ordering. Don’t get caught with a bag of sugary sweet treats between your legs at the couch while you’re watching television. You will subconsciously eat the entire bag.)

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