Depression is a complex disorder, involving many systems of the body, including the immune system. It disrupts sleep, interferes with appetite, and in some cases causing #weightloss, in others #weight_gain. Depression is often accompanied by anxiety. Research indicates that not only do the two conditions co-occur and are quite frequently passed from a parent to a child. (Psychology Today.)

I have had clinical depression for 25 years. Both of my parents suffered from anxiety and depression. I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist, 3 therapists, 2 physicians, and a priest. My parents lived life treacherously without a diagnosis, maneuvering around obstacles like a drunk on steroids. This is the difference between someone who is on a serotonin reuptake inhibitor and someone who is self-diagnosing and treating with non-prescription drugs and alcohol. Trust me, watching my parent’s and depressed friends’ lives has helped me stay on an antidepressant for almost 30 years.

Without medication my mind was subject to bouts of mental torment, fear, and severe anxiety. On the contrary, just give me 30 mg of Citalopram a day (even without a prescription is about $3 a month), and I’m fine. I have normal, problem days, like everyone. But on the antidepressant, I have the ability and strength to cope. Every day problems exist from the outside. Depression originates from your body’s inability to produce serotonin (the happiness, neurotransmitter hormone that automatically goes to the brain in a healthy human).

I can say this with complete self-acceptance and while watching the treatment of depressed and anxious clients for 30 years: Depression and Anxiety— left untreated—will ruin your life.

You might be asking: “Why get on a medication and then talk about the cause of the depression with a clinical life coach, therapist, or hynotherapist? Won’t the medication ameliorate the problem?”

The medication is like stopping an epileptic seizure. The therapy is to help you avoid the triggers that caused the seizure. The entire mental health organization would agree that the two (medicine and therapy) go hand in hand.

Often times, we need the help of a professional to help us get in touch with, the physician within. When we still the screaming demons and can hear that still, small voice again, then your highest instincts leads you to the path to take. Begin to change the story you have told yourself all of these years with #regressionhypnosis and using #EFT triggers that will change your mental response to negativity. The success is evident in the many people who have shared their Testimonials with me after therapy.

Choosing the right person to help you is of utmost importance. You must develop trust and faith in this person to be on the same page with you and treat them as a bright light guiding you through the dark forest of the unknown. This you must travel to unwind the warped stories and quick triggers that still exist in your mind from your past.

I wrote a book, “Your New Story, Your New Life,” about 3 years ago based on my travels through depression and then to enlightenment. I have plumbed the depths of anxiety and have joy unimaginable. I want to help you find that pathway.

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