Everyone I talk to this year is pushing the envelope on buying gifts, wrapping them, decorating, preparing food, shopping… Goodness, I get tired just listening. For my hubby and me, we are very minimalistic. Like our condo, if it doesn’t give us joy, it goes. If it doesn’t bring a smile or a good memory, we give it away or throw it away. Life shouldn’t be about facing negativity each day. We don’t have all that much time on this Earth. Let’s begin to taylor-make our days to fit our desire to have joy and peace.

Think of your life like a glass of water you get once a day to fulfill your thirst. What if many things and people in your world needed for you to provide for their thirst and your water was needed for the growth of other people’s plants?

What would happen if you used all of your water (source energy) for others and reserved none for yourself? You would die of thirst. So, we need to consider our human self as part of the things in our lives we help and nurture; otherwise, there will be no you alive to help all of the people who need your water.

If the truth be told, how many people in your life who require your source, actually need it… from you? Are you allowing those people to be dependent on you? If so, that makes you a co-dependent, which isn’t a healthy choice.

Start cleansing your life of those stressful places by allowing adults to fend for themselves, even if they are your children. Then check off your friends list. How many friends are giving as much as they take? Yes, we need to fulfill our desire to help others, but at the risk of dying of thirst? No way!

I have a few friends in my life I allow to take a little more than they give. But, my prerequisite is that I also receive something from the interaction—joy, thankfulness, a smile, and most important a real desire to make their individual lives better. If none of those things happen as a result of my efforts to help them, then I let go of the helping—gently.

The next and last thing to consider when you are de-stressing from the holidays or a daily battle to maintain a healthy portion of energy for yourself is: how much time do you give to work?

Yes, we all know that we must work to have prosperity. We all know that work is an important, responsible part of life. But, exactly what are you working toward? Are you working to pay the bills? That’s okay. Are you working because you want an extra large boat to use one weekend a month in the summer? Let’s just take a quick check on the second item. How much energy are you using to maintain something you use 5 hours a month? You must work an extra 10 hours to maintain a boat that you could rent once a month for 1/4 of the cost. You should rethink it.

Remember: You only get one glass of water a day. If you deprive your body of energy, you won’t have a life to enjoy that boat. Of course, I’m being metaphoric. I don’t have to spell this out. You get it.

What you invest in, must yield a proper reward.

You wouldn’t keep putting your money in a 401K that yielded -10% a year. That would be crazy. The yield, over a period of time, must be positive. This is how you should operate the energy of your life.

I love “The Energetics of Healing” by Caroline Myss. She describes this process using spiritual energy and chakras. If you’re inclined to understand that language, you would love it.

Lastly, hypnotherapy and Life Coaching is the way to optimize your energetic life. I can help you do that in 3-5 sessions. Give me a call at Hypnosis on Las Olas: 954-253-6493.

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