You know that you are living inside, not outside, of your childhood trauma if, at least one time a day, if not many more, you have a memory from your childhood that clouds your view of the moment with anxiety and stress!

Many hypnotic techniques exist to unhook from the past. A Post Traumatic Stress condition could be what you are experiencing. Dealing with these moments can take a lifetime of counseling and self-love. Below are some of the tools I use to help:

1. Find a great affirmation that contradicts your old thought. Use it every time your mind goes to the past. (Mine is at the bottom of this blog.)

2. Watch for triggers that bring up the past.

3. When you identify your triggers, do your best to vanquish them, even if it means minimizing or releasing relationships. (If you share something hurts you or triggers you, the people who really love you will understand. If they don’t, they aren’t worth having in your life.)

4. A theory exists that if you find a way to touch something or feel your toes in your shoes, your fingers on the steering wheel, or listen to your breath, you will release your negative loop of thoughts.

5. If you are really stuck, as in a PTSD moment, try this: Count back from 100 but subtracting 3 each time. 100, 97, 94, 91, 88… etc.

In my worst times of PTSD, the last worked the best. Most days I simply need a good affirmation. Mine is:

“I release and let go of all things that no longer serve my mind, my body, and my life. I am open and willing for peace!”


Bless you,


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Living Outside the Triggers of the Past
This is a book I wrote about that past, which always present itself in my dreams as a cellar or basement