Credentials: Hypnotist, Bo Sebastian

Credentials: Hypnotherapist with National Guild of Hypnotist for 20 Years

Bo Sebastian has been a beloved and has many credentials as hypnotist, including and most importantly, being a successful hyponotherapist for 32 years. He believes that helping people get over their pasts and on a path to a healthy future is exactly what makes him live a healthier life. He has taken his own professional advice and is now happily married and living the dream in South Florida, surrounded by his birth family. 

Bo received his professional  training in New York City under Nancy Donenfeld, Pyschologist and Master Hypnotist. He became nationally certified with the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, then began his booming practice in Nashville, Tennessee soon after moving there.

He started Hypnosis on Las Olas in 2019 when he moved to South Florida to be near his four sisters, their families, and his mother of 89 years old. Bo loves the weather, being near his loved ones, and has never looked back on this Encore Career.

Encore Credentials: Bo Sebastian


As part of this new phase of his life, he decided to also go back to his first love and begin auditioning for films and commercials, as well continuing his music ministry and piano gigs around town. The following videos are just a part of the multi-talented man who will provide the most professional experience of hypnosis with the best credential, possibly because he is so happy with the many different facets of his life at 60 years old. 

For fun, Sebastian rebooted his acting, singing, and voice-over career when he moved to Southern Florida. He is a long-standing member of SAG, AFTRA, and Actor’s Equity. Speaking of well respected and credentials, since Bo has been in Florida, he has booked 20 national commercials, hit television shows, live theater, and movies. Bo also is the Tenor Soloist at the Miami Shores Community Church. 



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