A memory. An overwhelming feeling of regret flushes through your body. You wonder if anyone noticed. You had been so replete with guilt over your emotions from yesterday that you had forgotten the vast importance of today. Do you step into the light and admit your mistake or pretend it never happened?

I watched a newscaster admit a big mistake with a smile. She said, “I was so sure that this was going to happen that I told you so and asked you to go out and buy newspapers. And, yet, it didn’t happen as I thought. My bad. Life doesn’t always happen the way you think it will.”

I love how her simple admission never changed my perception of her. Well, that’s not true. I suddenly trusted her a bit more. Making a mistake happens all the time. People admitting their mistake is not as often seen in this world of do, then cover up or create a smoke screen.

You might ask yourself why hypnosis or hypnotherapy would be in a conversation about humility.

People forget that to get to a place where you care more about authenticity than you do about your reputation comes from pulling away the layers of self-importance and narcissism that we have donned through the course of our lives and have replaced them with the naked truth. This takes courage and tenacity.

We can dress up lies. We can pretend that our friends and frenemies really do care about the small intricacies of our lives. However, the importance of our lives is based on one thing and one thing only: Growth.

Becoming a better person and turning the page of your past to live honestly is the hardest lesson that any human will take in the awesome course of our earthly life.

We can succeed. We can gather treasure troves of money. We may have a plethora of friends. But, when you are alone at night faced with your own naked soul, who are you? Are you willing to trade authenticity and truth for the perceived acceptance of people you could truly care less about?

Is life about the image of success or true success of spirit, mind, and body?

If you want the latter, then you must trust someone to help you peel back the layers of deception to get to your honest, authentic self.

This is one of the purposes of #hypnosis and #life_coaching placed in perfect coordination with each other. The two therapies work hand in hand. When you uncover a layer you desire to change by the life or spiritual coaching, hypnosis works on rewiring the neural pathways of your brain to make authentic change.

Hypnotherapy creates new triggers for your cognitive brain, so that you’ll respond in ways you desire, instead of you had in the past.

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