Traditionally, no one imagines fighting for one’s life outside of a hospital bed or in the catastrophe of an accident; but most battles for health happen on the battlefield of life—with addictions.

I have many close friends and family who have been literally fighting for their lives day in and day out, squelching the furious demands of an addiction in their “mind game” as they wrestle through the hardship of addiction in their lives. Every small push backwards could be the next time they take a drink, start smoking, or snort a line. They know this fact. They are confident that the addiction could take hold at any moment. Therefore, their daily diligence is so necessary.

How do we help as family and friends? We simply have to watch—unfortunately—and be supportive when we can.

Most of us have been through this two or three times before with our addicted loved ones and we know that the quest to be better, to feel better, to DO BETTER, to be free of the addiction, is our loved one’s own journey—not ours.

This is, perhaps, one of the only ways you can help. Suggest treatment. Suggest they go to 12-step meetings, join a meditation or prayer group, or help them see that “Love is stronger than their addiction” by continuing to be the voice of unrelenting reason.

As a clinical hypnotherapist of 31 years, I don’t have the tools to treat drug addiction because of the intricacies of treatment. But I do help those wrestling with curbing their appetite for that 3rd glass of wine or reaching for the snuff or cigarette.

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