A Triangle’s Magic Began with a Boy

First, a triangle’s magic began with a boy, a young child who went for a walk in the woods. He tripped and fell over some twigs and landed face down in a rabbit hole. The sun was shining brightly into the hole, and he could see treasures within. But his arms were too short to reach anything within sight. Secondly, the treasure that peeked his interest most was a silver triangle that glistened in the sunlight. He wanted it so badly that he ran all the way home and found his father’s shovel, so that he could dig beneath the surface to fetch the glistening treasure.

The Young Boy’s Return (Trickery, Magestic Triangle)

Although this Triangle’s Magic Began with a Boy, this young boy returned within seconds, it seemed, but he found no rabbit hole. He couldn’t even find the place where he had fallen. Everything in the wooded forest seemed to blend together. Frustrated, he spent most of the afternoon looking, but still found nothing.

Now, he went home empty-handed and dismayed. “Why didn’t I just dig in the dirt with my hands while I had the chance?” he muttered to himself, “then I would have my treasure.” But, alas, he went home without the magic triangle.

Though the boy was young, the journey and fall impacted him greatly. He went home and fashioned a triangle out of tin foil and placed it on his bureau to remind him to never miss an opportunity like that again. Every day when he would wake up, the first thing he would see was that triangle. This reminded him to grab all of life, every bit of it, the good, the bad, the treasures, and the ideas to reach for treasures–and make something of them; even though it may have meant digging with his bare hands.

Different Perspectives to Your Problem (Mystical Triangular Methods)

The triangle’s Magic Began with a boy. This young boy turned out to be one of life’s greatest men. Not only did he become a millionaire, but he was an inventor and a sage all because he turned a failure into a lesson.

There is more than one way of looking at everything that happens in your life. The lesson of the triangle is: Try to find three different perspectives to your problem. One from your point of view. One from an objective point of view. And one from God’s point of view.

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A Triangle’s Magic Began with a Boy

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