Motivation & Weight Loss

My first visit to Bo was for help with my eating habits. Up until that point, no matter how much I wanted to lose weight, I was stuck in a rut of bad eating habits. Despite self-inflicted guilt, I still found no way to motivate myself to change my eating habits. After my hypnosis session with Bo, I immediately stopped feeling the desire and uncontrollable urge to indulge in the excesses Iā€™d been enjoyinh previously (candy, ice cream, etc.) Almost six weeks later, I still find I have not returned to my previous unhealthy eating pattern.

My second hypnosis visit to Bo was to give me a DESIRE and motivation to exercise. Before this point, no matter how much I wished I could get into shape, nothing motivated me to get up and actually put my body to work..through exercise. After my hypnosis session, I not only exercise daily but I no longer grab at every opportunity to push it from my schedule, and I am actually BUILDING it into my day, and, best of all... ENJOYING it.

Both of these are potentially life-changing. Where I could not find the innate drive to make my body do what i wanted it to do (eat healthy, and exercise) due to my hypnosos sessions I now am doing both things consistently and doing them naturally and with EASE.
— Van P.