Bo Sebastian proudly wears the hat of  Life Coach, Author, and renowned, consulting, clinical hypnotist in Southern Florida. He is also a music minister at Center of Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale and works as an actor, as well.  


You may recognize Sebastian from teaching cooking on Channel 5's Talk of the Town or at Whole Foods or at the Southern Women's Show.   Using his proven cooking techniques, he often will take time to teach some basic food preparation to those weight loss clients who have little or no understanding of cooking.  Sebastian says, "Nothing I cook takes longer than 2o minutes to prepare.  Fresh food and healthy choices take minimal planning, but provide necessary nutrients and energy to undo illness and body aches and pains that have accompanied unhealthy lifestyles."

Be looking for his new cooking ANGEL FEAST: VEGAN RECIPES FOR A NEW WORLD. His YouTube Channel by the same name has helped many meat eaters and vegetarian cross over to a plant-based, vegan lifestyle. Check out

As a hypnotherapist, he has earned accolades that range from twenty-five successful years in private practice, to national certification, to recently revealing his cutting-edge, dual-messaging hypnosis techniques on The Learning Channel. In 2008 he was a faculty member at the National Guild of Hypnotists World Meeting in Massachusetts.
Sebastian had spent the majority of his Hypnosis practice focusing on four basic issues: Weight Loss, Smoke Cessation, Attachment Theory, and Life Coaching.  


Bo has also has five well-known works published including his most recent self-help guides,  Your New Story, Your New Life: The Metaphysical Mind, Finding Authentic You: 7 Steps to Effective Change and The Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior. Also, Your Gay Friend’s Guide to Understanding Men and a collaborative novel, Summer in Mossy Creek with Bell Bridge Books and BelleBooks Publishers, and Bo’s Latest Cookbook: Gluten-Free, High Protein, Mostly Vegetarian Recipes & Cookbook: Simple, Tasty Meals, 30 Minutes or Less is now available.

Bo Sebastian has written five novels: Billy Ray’s SecretThe Leaving CellarMarlene and the Religiously InsaneFatal Virtues, and a young reader’s novel, Willa Divine, The Princess of Dixon County.

Bo is the author of the world famous blog: Bo brings spirituality, mind and body to one place with rich text to live by. His Daily readings are already spanning the globe. Be one of the 100,000 who start their day with Bo’s inspiring words.


Sebastian rebooted his acting, singing, and voice over career when he moved to Southern Florida in 2014. He is a long-standing member of SAG, AFTRA, and Actor's Equity. Since he has been in Florida he has book three national commercial, a hit television show, and is currently rehearsing for a Broadway Duet show with Carol Logen. Bo is delighted to be working again in the theater, where he began as a teenager. 


Bo offers his own version of yoga and core strength exercises in a smooth Vinyasa. He also has a fitness DVD: Boga Fitness, merging Yoga with core strength and fitness exercises. Bo currently teaches chair yoga and restorative yoga at Emerald Lake.