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Rand Bishop, author, Grammy-nominated Hit Songwriter and Screenwriter 


No one is more qualified to serve up this daily menu for personal authenticity than omni-gifted, multi-accomplished Bo Sebastian. That he has planned this soul-nutritious regime, puts a needed product directly under the thumb-tips of the tech-savvy, constantly on-the-go crowd—the folks who not only hunger for this invaluable message but won’t think twice about signing on to sample Bo’s bill of fare. 


I came to Hypnotherapy as a last resort for weight loss.  Over the years, I had tried nearly every type of weight loss program imaginable with little success.  I began working with Bo this past April. To date, I have lost 53 lbs in 4 months. I certainly feel better physically, but hypnotherapy has also made a difference in my outlook on life and feelings about myself.  I still have considerable weight to lose, but now I know it is possible.  Bo, I am thankful for your abilities as a hypnotist, life coach and visionary… Nancilynn

 August Gold, nationally known spiritual writer and speaker

“A street corner preacher at twenty-five, Bo Sebastian takes us on his journey to discover his authentic self, and offers us seven steps and a year of inspiring stories to help us do the same. Clearly, assisting people in removing the blocks that keep them from their authentic self is his true calling—this book is a generous toolbox of support.”

About Quitting Smoking:

I had been a smoker most of my adult life. I started out like a lot of people do, smoking in social situations...only when I was drinking...only with my morning coffee...until it became a full-fledged pack a day habit. I had absolutely no strength over this ugly habit.  I was desperate when I found Bo… As I drove away that day, I had the profound feeling as if I had just been given a gift. Everything seemed new. I was filled with a sense of hope. I am eternally grateful to Bo for giving me my life back. He is a gifted, loving soul whose compassion and desire to help others is nothing short of remarkable.

 Kerrie L. Cooper, CooperMarking Services, Pres. 


Find your authentic self through Clinical Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Spirituality, Healing Yoga with Boga FitnessTM,  and Literary Work (relationship advice, fiction, cookbook). You can always visit the "Finding Authentic You" Blog link to find daily and weekly spiritual advice from Bo. 

Please use the links above to navigate to the areas you are interested in.  Thanks for visiting and please come back often, as I will be updating this site regularly.

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Ester Nicholson, Author of Soul Recovery—12 Keys to Healing Addiction  AMI/Hay House

"Finding Authentic You" is about forgiveness of self, others, and finding the blocks that keep you from the powerful you that wants to shine brightly—like all children of Spirit! Bo Sebastian is the man to help you find your way through the mental frustration, freeing your mind and body physically, and working to become one with each other and Spirit."

Keith's picture.jpeg

Keith Allen, LMFT and a nationally known Family Therapist and Attachment Styles Guru writes:

“Having a copy of Bo's book, Finding Authentic You is similar to having access to a coach, or best friend, who really ‘gets’ you. In our times of doubt and uncertainty (life), Bo's words and ideas are whispering in your ear, ‘Hey! You got this!’”

hypnotist, life coach and visionary….   Nancilynn

Candy Paull smile author photo 5-08.jpg

Candy Paull: The Art of Encouragement, Inner Abundance, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, and other books. Her newest book, Finding Serenity in Seasons of Stress, will be released by Grand Harbor Press (Brilliance/Amazon) November 26, 2013

“Bo Sebastian is one of the most inspirational people I know. He's a true Renaissance man. He helps people reach their full potential, offering encouragement, insight, and expert coaching every step of the way. A talented musician, a strong writer, and experienced therapist and life coach are only a few of the gifts Bo offers the world. His greatest gift is his compassionate presence, his kind heart, and his warm personality. Bo is the best.” 

Donna Michael--Blue Top Photo Cropped August 2010.jpg

"I have had the privilege of hearing Bo Sebastian speak, perform, teach, and lead meditation. In each of these modalities he is renowned and top in his field. He is passionately dedicated to helping others and I would highly recommend him and his work to anyone seeking to find growth spiritually, mentally, and physically."

Rev. Donna Michael, Life Coach, Speaker, Forgiveness Coach and Singer

About Anxiety for Mother and Daughter:

I found Bo Sebastian through his Amazing Blog! Bo’s brand of professionalism means openness to individuality, observing without preconception, listening without being silent, supporting without condescending, disagreeing without judgment.  

He isn’t afraid to let his readers see a bit of himself, but he withholds just enough to maintain a patient/therapist relationship.  Bo Sebastian has got it all out of me! After that first session, I cried for hours. It felt very cleansing, and I couldn’t wait to see him again. My grief began to lighten. Bo Sebastian has a great many gifts, but if I have to name the one that probably drives all the others, it would simply be his “ability to love the unlovable.” 

As a sidebar, may I add that my relative, who continues therapy with him, has reached a new level of mental and physical health that she has not enjoyed in her entire lifetime?

Thank you, Bo… Mikola W.

About Life Coaching/Anxiety:

This spring I found myself stuck in a malaise of indecision regarding some career and relationship decisions. I sought out Life Coaching with Bo Sebastian, and I am so glad I did. Bo was able to bring me out of the fog and find the clarity I needed to make a good decision. I have listened to my therapy session that he recorded for me since then and it's always a wonderful experience. I know of no other therapy that produces such a quick result. I have recommended Bo many times to friends who find themselves in need of a jump start for change….Peg N.

About Job Transition:

I first came to Bo Sebastian for hypnosis to stop smoking.  We immediately connected due to his caring and warm nature.  With his help, I was successful in quitting smoking after just a few sessions.

I continued to see Bo for hypnosis therapy during a forced job transition.  Our work together gave me the confidence to pursue other opportunities during a tough time.  I have great faith in his ability to help individuals, and I have recommended his services to family and friends. 

Lee M., Nashville TN

Finding Your Voice:

Over the past several years I’ve relied on Bo Sebastian’s unique method of hypnosis for quitting smoking, weight loss and those times when I just can’t seem to get it all together. Music, combined with your soothing voice and individualized sessions have worked wonders. I’m so glad you helped me find my voice! In a short time, I have such a better understanding of how and where my true sounds are created. Thank you so very much for the positive impact you continue to make in my life. I will continue to recommend you highly and very soon, literally be singing your praises! You are a true joy!

Cheryl Moon

About Perception Shift:

The work I did with Bo resulted in a complete restructuring of the thought paradigm I held about the issues we were working through. Because of Bo's facilitated hypnosis, my perspective shifted profoundly, allowing me to feel forgiveness of others as well as a deep self-compassion.  The most amazing benefit has been the long-lasting effect of those sessions.  I have continued to embrace the healthy perspective I gained during our work."

JB in Nashville

About Motivation:

My first visit to Bo was for help with my eating habits. Up until that point, no matter how much I wanted to lose weight, I was stuck in a rut of bad eating habits. Despite self-inflicted guilt, I still found no way to motivate myself to change my eating habits. After my hypnosis session with Bo, I immediately stopped feeling the desire and uncontrollable urge to indulge in the excesses I'd been enjoying previously (candy, ice cream, etc.) Almost six weeks later, I still find I have not returned to my previous unhealthy eating pattern.

My second hypnosis visit to Bo was to give me a DESIRE and motivation to exercise. Before this point, no matter how much I wished I could get into shape, nothing motivated me to get up and actually put my body to work through exercise. After my hypnosis session, I not only exercise daily, but I no longer grab at every opportunity to push it from my schedule, and I am actually BUILDING it into my day, and, best of all... ENJOYING it.

Van Preston, professional singer

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